How to choose your evening dress according to your morphology?


As you know, choosing among all the evening dresses that make your eyes pop can be a real headache! Having a crush on a particular model is fine. But be sure that the model will enhance your body type and match your morphology, it’s better! So don’t hesitate and ensure your choice, follow these clever tips to learn how to find the perfect shape in which you’ll feel good.

Know yourself, the rest is only accessory!

Indeed, it is enough to know your body and its shapes to be sure to find the ideal evening dress. The garment must sublimate your silhouette. Once you have determined what your body type is, then all you have to do is choose among the shapes that correspond to you.

Wondering how to determine your morphology?

Simply by looking at yourself in a mirror, in your underwear or naked. You just have to be able to follow its curves without any elements that interfere with your perception. You will be able to evaluate the proportions between your waist in relation to your hips, shoulders and breasts.

Your morphology: A, 8, X, 0, V or H for which type of evening dress?

You have an A morphology: :

your shoulders are narrower than your hips and your chest is small. Remember to emphasize your waist! Fitted dresses with a trapezoid shape in flowing fabrics, skater dresses with flounced sleeves are made for you. Abuse necklines or boat necks, which attract attention. Lace on the shoulders is the absolute weapon! Beware of too tight shapes, straight dresses with horizontal stripes or with patterns on the bottom, they are definitely not the right choice…

You have an 8 morphology:

your waist is marked and your chest is generous, your shoulders and hips are more or less the same width. Opt for a slim fit made of flowing material. Adding a wide belt to mark your waist is definitely the right idea! You may also prefer a hide-and-seek or skater evening gown, with décolleté, boat neck or thin straps, or even an empire dress, which will make a statement with your silhouette. Dresses that are too loose or formless, and dresses that are tight at the hips should be avoided.

You have an X morphology:

your hips and shoulders are the same width, your waist is marked. Your silhouette allows you to explore all styles of cut: strapless dress, tight dress, sheath dress. However, prefer materials that structure the garment and highlight your beautiful silhouette. You can also play with colours and prints to enhance your shapes. Straight dresses or dresses that are too wide, which do not emphasize your curves, are to be avoided.

You have an O morphology:

your shoulders are narrower than your hips, your waist is not very pronounced and your chest is generous. Let only your curves show, hide your roundness…You may prefer dark evening dresses in plain colours or with small patterns. For cuts, straight, trapeze or wallet dresses with structured fabrics, dresses tightened at the waist or under the chest with flowing fabrics. Don’t forget to use necklines to attract attention!  Don’t focus on shapes that are too wide, or on the contrary too tight, dresses tightened at the hips or draped on the belly…

You have an V morphology:

your shoulders are narrower than your hips, your waist is not very pronounced and your chest is generous. Choose an outfit that lengthens your silhouette! The good idea: enhance your legs with an asymmetrical cut or a slit dress. Chasuble dresses, peplum dresses or simply straight long dresses will look great on you. However, you should avoid wearing strapless dresses or dresses with shoulder pads.

You have an H morphology:

your shoulders are broad, your waist and hips not very pronounced. Choose a cut that emphasizes your hips and lengthens your silhouette. Empire dresses are ideal! Tightened just are the chest, this cut emphasizes the décolleté. You will also find what you are looking for with wrap dressesor trapeze shape, in fluid materials. A belt placed on the hips will be of the most beautiful effect.

Of course, the little black dress remains the timeless must-have. It wears elegance, simply, in all occasions. All it needs is a carefully chosen accessory, evening clutch, scarf, jewellery, to display the outfit that everyone will notice.

On the contrary, if you’ve decided on a printed, brightly coloured or sequined dress, go for discreet accessories and jewellery.

The point to remember, know yourself to better emphasize your skills and dare to be yourself and display your originality and elegance.

If despite everything your indecision persists, if you have a dilemma or a question concerning your outfit, do not hesitate to contact me. Remember to share your knowledge with as many people as possible by leaving a comment.

Si malgré tout votre indécision persiste, si vous avez un dilemme ou une question concernant votre tenue, n’hésitez pas à me contacter. Pensez à partager vos connaissances avec le plus grand nombre en laissant un commentaire.

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