Eliza’s works show the delicacy and mastery that sets her apart. With virtuosity, she paints and sculpts the scent of roses and the languor of women. Invite you, gently, in her artist’s gallery…

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I was born in the South.

I grew up listening to cicadas singing, surrounded by a family where artistic and technical influences meet. My taste for art and fashion grew, and I began studying sewing in Paris. I graduated as a technician and then as a stylist in the 90s. I trained here and there in painting and sculpture, the different disciplines feeding off each other.

In the 2000s, I jumped into the water: freelance. This will allow me to give free scope to my imagination and to exploit my different talents, to gain the freedom to stimulate my imagination.

I work on many collections and artistic projects, then I fully dedicate myself to the creation of unique pieces for a client with whom I maintain a very privileged relationship. At the same time, I work on my painting and sculpture exhibitions, alone or with other artists, to boost my creativity.

In my house-workshop in Seine-et-Marne, I work “à l’ancienne”. A space dedicated to each universe and simple tools. For sewing or for art, everything is a question of patience, meticulousness and know-how…everything goes through the hands and I have to be in touch with my creations. I move, according to my desires, from one workshop to another, dressmaker in the morning, painter or sculptor in the afternoon.