The 10 essentials to get in your suitcase for the weekend.


Well, you’re on a weekend and about to leave for a few days! The suitcase unfolded on the bed, still empty. Five minutes ago, you were thinking: easy, two or three trinkets and that’s it. Finally, you’re feeling doubtful. Between your dressing room full of dresses just waiting to leave with you and your 40-litre luggage, what can you do? Come on, we’ll start with a list of the 10 must-have accessories for the weekend.

1 – The luggage

Yes, that’s the very first question you’ll have to ask yourself. Choosing between a rigid suitcase, a backpack, or a travel bag is a real headache.

  • The suitcase is ideal if you are staying in the town or at the hotel. Moreover, if you are planning events during your stay, this is the solution to bring an evening dress without wrinkling it.
  • The travel bag with handles and shoulder strap is practical and easy to fit in any space during the trip. More things can often be carried in it than in a suitcase or backpack, without creasing them too much. A plus! But a bag can quickly become tiring to carry and cause back pain. Do not use it if you are planning a long walk in the city.
  • Finally, the backpack is ideal for carrying your small things everywhere. On the other hand, your clothes will crease more easily. Forget it if you plan to wear the silk sheath dress over the weekend.

2 – Papers please!

Organize your travel documents so you don’t forget anything. You don’t plan to leave without the address of your reservation or arrive at the airport without your airline tickets? So, if you don’t want to bet everything on your cell phone, bring a large wallet or travel pouch. As far as I’m concerned, I’m leaving with a wallet big enough to hold credit cards, ID and travel documents.

3 – The appropriate clothing

As you can imagine, you won’t choose the same clothes if you go on a weekend trip to St Raphael’s in August or to Edinburgh in January. Check the weather forecast before you pack your suitcase. It’s smart to choose clothes that are really appropriate.

In any case:

  • some tops suited to the season,
  • a stylish top or a little evening dress for the prettiest ones. You won’t be caught off guard if the chance to get out presents itself,
  • a sweater or a cardigan,
  • leggings or casual pants,
  • pants in colors that will allow you to wear it when you go for a walk in the city and to go out in the evening,
  • A light raincoat, which does not take up much space in the suitcase, can save you a lot of worry once you get there.

4 – Same with the shoes

Shoes are the dilemma of the small luggage! Ideally, travel with sneakers for comfort and pack a pair in your suitcase that will fit your destination: beach, city or country. If you add a more formal pair for the evenings, prefer sequined sandals or ballerinas that will take up less space in the suitcase.

5 – A fully equipped toiletry kit

In your toiletry kit, you will need all your usual beauty products, but in small quantities. You can make up your travel kit by filling small bottles that you will only keep for your weekend getaways. You should add to your beauty and care products a small medical kit to treat small boo-boos, at least enough to treat headaches, stomach aches and small cuts or burns.

6 – Everything you need to operate your electronics

Today, everything is in your smartphone or tablet. The only imperative is to be able to recharge them far from your home. Therefore, the appropriate charger is to be packed in the suitcase. Don’t forget to find out what type of plugs you’ll find at your destination. It may be necessary to provide a universal adapter.

7 – A tote bag

If you don’t want to come back from your weekend without souvenirs or a lot of presents for your friends, plan to bring a tote bag or a shopping bag. First of all, a fabric bag will not take up any space in your luggage. Then, it can be used as a beach bag on the spot. Finally, it will be essential for you to return with your excess luggage.

8 – An evening clutch

Perfect if you’re planning on going out for the weekend. An evening clutch fits easily into your suitcase, and will allow you to bring the fashionable touch to your outfit, far from home. A simple little dress and a dressed cocktail pouch, you won’t be caught by surprise!

9 – Focus on weekend activity

Don’t forget that you are going away for the weekend, perhaps with a specific planned activity. If you’re going bird watching, think about binoculars… For the beach, bikinis are a must, and so on.

10 – The little something extra just for you!

Some will leave with their teddy bear while others will leave with the novel of the moment. In any case, don’t forget to add your personal touch to your suitcase, without which the weekend would be a complete waste of time. 

As a bonus, here are the essential tips for organizing your suitcase

First, fold and roll up your clothes and put them in your suitcase. They take up less space and hardly wrinkle at all. Place heavy objects, such as shoes, at the bottom of the suitcase. Next, place the most fragile stuff in a cocoon in the middle of the clothes to protect them from the trip. Pack your perfume bottles and beauty creams in plastic bags. You can also put a few plastic bags in a corner of your suitcase. They don’t take up any space and can be used for everything: to separate your dirty laundry, to protect your suitcase from the bottle of alcohol that you bring back from the weekend, etc.

If you have ideas for packing a suitcase for the weekend, share them by leaving a comment.

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