Traditions to know for the perfect wedding dress…


For the greatest day of your life, you want THE perfect dress. Of course, that dress has to be made for you. It must enhance your figure and reflect your temperament. But this unique ceremonial dress is also made up of a little magic and a lot of tradition. Come on, let’s take a look at the traditional details that make it up and how these symbols give meaning to your wedding.

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue…

This tradition comes to us from England. It originates from a 19th century nursery rhyme: “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue…” Each of these elements has its own symbolism.

Something old, to remind the family bond and symbolize the girl’s life before marriage. To remind you of this past, you can wear a powerful object such as a family jewel, a ring, a brooch or a necklace. However, avoid a pearl necklace as pearls symbolize tears. It can also be a lace handkerchief or gloves.

Something new, is the element that must represent the future, the success of the couple and this new life together. Usually it’s the dress that’s new! But, if you’ve opted for the grandmother’s wedding dress, you can fall back on the shoes…

Something borrowed, is to bring luck and happiness to your couple. So, you will choose a friend who is already married, fulfilled and happy, so that she can lend you an accessory and favour your happiness.

Something blue, to evoke fidelity and purity. You can choose an accessory, the garter for example, or a ribbon, or even a piece of jewellery.


The bridal veil

The veil symbolizes the virginity and innocence of the bride. During the ceremony, until the exchange of vows, it covers the girl’s face. Nowadays, at the end of the ceremony, the bride who wears a tulle veil cuts it into fairly long ribbons and offers it to the unmarried women present… a good omen for an upcoming wedding.


Daisies, roses and ivy

The symbolism of daisies and roses comes from the Middle Ages. Brides proposed to wore a daisy wreath to indicate that they were taking the time to consider the proposal. When they finally wore a wreath of roses, it meant that they were accepting the proposal. Ivy is the symbol of attachment and everlasting love. Most of the time, these plants are found in the composition of the bride’s bouquet, but you can opt for flowers in lace or embroidery, on the bridal train or on the veil.

The garter

The garter symbolizes mystery. It is worn on the left leg. This accessory appeared in the Middle Ages. Nowadays it is often considered obsolete. In the fourteenth century, during a ball given in honor of the king, the garter of the Countess of Salisbury slipped off her leg and fell to the ground. In a gallant manner, King Edward III picked it up by pronouncing this famous phrase: “Gentlemen, disgrace who thinks so”. Following this incident, he created the Order of the Garter, the most prestigious of the British cavalry orders.

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